Tek Mobile Device Makes Wheelchairs A Thing Of The Past

Imagine having been in an accident, and having been rendered paralyzed from the waist down. Adapting to a wheelchair is difficult enough, and when you think of how limited the world actually is for a paraplegic, it would certainly make you wonder why this type of mobilisation decice hasn’t been invented previously.

Looking at the man in the video, it looks like he’s only riding a segway, but on closer inspection, Yusuf Akturkoglu is actually a paraplegic mobilized the Tec Robodic Mobilization Device.

The device was invented to not only make everyday living much easier for people with spinal cord injuries, but also to give them more independance.

One of the most basic points of the mobilization device is its ability to allow its user to stand up, not unlike a person riding a segway. The device is easily mounted from the back, instead of from the front, unlike a conventional wheelchair. It also uses a simple suspension system that allows its user to stand up with just a light pull.

The mobilization device gives a degree of independance to the paraplegic user that most conventional wheelchairs are impossible to provide. Reaching for the high shelves when grocery shopping, or opening the freezer door may be things we take for granted everyday, but being confined to a wheelchair makes these actions near impossible. With the ability to stand using the mobile device, the user can easily perform these actions.

The best thing about the mobilization device is its size, with a width that is half of a conventional wheelchair, the user can navigate through narrow spaces and through places that are not adapted for wheelchairs.

The Tec Mobilization Device is already in the market in Turkey, and the company is looking to release the device for markets in Europe and the United States, where it will cost approximately US$15,000.