Next Generation Site-Specific Camouflage

Camouflage is indispensable for anyone trying to hide in his surroundings, and it has plenty of applications in the real world. The problem with modern day camouflage is that it does not necessarily work very specifically; it has a limited range and is not made for exact environments.

Special Operations Apps, a software design firm from Wilmington Carolina, aims to change this, with the development of their site-specific camouflage.

The firm has created their camouflage with the use of actual photos of specific sites taken from satellites and other sources, and used to create custom site-specific patterns localised to the terrain. The patterns are then printed directly on their designated garments for the soldier’s use.

The camouflage works better than their normal counterparts because they are created from photos taken at different focal lengths that restricts depth perception, making it harder to see the camouflaged objects. This type of camouflage makes it perfect for Special Operations units who usually have to work at very specific places on their missions.

The team is making the camouflage even more amazing, with applying for a patent on a material that is able to adjust its pattern to its environment. The fabric comprises of a vinyl substrate, a flexible image display and also thermoelectric panels that could modify based on the soldier’s body temperature.

Sounds like something out of science-fiction? At the rate our technology is advancing, I’m not actually that surprised. Lets just hope that this technology is used for good, and not for the worse.