Self-Cleaning Clothes: Never Do Laundry Again

Doing the laundry is just part of everyday life, and pretty much everyone needs to do it. Of course, with the invention of the washing machine and dryers, doing the laundry is so much easier.

Now, scientists are trying to make the washing of laundry obsolete, with this invention of fabric that is able to clean itself when exposed to sunlight.

The special fabric is invented by two Chinese scientists, Mingce Long and Deyong Wu. The fabric is made up of cotton fibers, that have a coating of titanium dioxide and nitrogen. The titanium dioxide breaks down dirt and is able to kill microbes when exposed to light. It is already being used in kitchen and bathroom tiles and other products.

Previously, self-cleaning fabric has already been invented, but it only works when it is exposed to ultraviolet light. The new fabric is able to do the same thing, but it only needs to be exposed to normal sunlight.

The fabric has successfully been tested, when it is able to remove an orange dye stain when exposed to sunlight. The coating on the fibers is able to stay intact after washing and drying. Of course, washing the fabric would defeat the purpose of it being self-cleaning.

This is a very interesting invention, although I think for the time being I would rather continue doing the laundry. I just can’t imagine the thought of a piece of clothing not having ever been washed!