SWITL Robot Picks Up Spilled Condiments Leaving No Mess

Anyone who has ever tried to wipe spilled ketchup or mayonaise off a table-top will know that it takes more than one or two wipes to clean the table entirely.

Cleaning up these types of spills are always tedious, so a company in Japan has invented the SWITL (it isn’t clear if this is an acronym or not, but if it is, no one knows what it stands for yet). It is a robotic device that is designed to scoop up spilled messes, that mostly consist of semi-liquid substances.

The SWITL is said to be able to pick up these messes using a conveyor belt, the moves so fast it can pick up whatever you spilled without leaving a mess behind.

View the video of the SWITL in action here.

The device is created by Furukawa Kikou, and it was originally developed to pick up products in bakeries that were too soft to be picked up by human hands.

The device is still awaiting a patent, before it can be made available commercially.

The company disclosed on akihabaranews.com that: ‘The SWITL sheet is wrapped around a sliding plate, and it’s fixed at one side, while the plate moves.

‘So items can be loaded and unloaded without altering relative positions.

‘Currently the sheet is made of Teflon, but we think we can achieve the same performance using other materials for the sheet.’

This is a pretty interesting device, but I wonder what kind of practical role can it take in our lives. I’m interested to find out what other things the device is able to pick up and deposit.