Young Engineer Wins Prize for Electronic Drum Trousers

I’ve always love the idea of incorporating musical instruments into our everyday clothing. There was one where a keyboard was built into a jacket. Now, a 17 year old student of Hymers College in England has created a pair of jeans that double as a drum kit.

Aseem Mishra won the senior age group title at the Young Engineer of Great Britain Competition for his invention.

Check out the BBC news story and scroll for a video of the inventor himself demonstrating his invention.

The pair of jeans allows its wearer to tap out a tune on their thighs by hitting the sensors that are woven into the fabric of the jeans.

The idea came about to Aseem when he tried to solve the problem of having to carry his drum kit around when playing at gigs with his band. It was heavy and cumbersome to have to lug his kit to every gig, so Aseem thought to fuse his two passions for drumming and electronics by trying to incorporate a drum kit into his trousers.

He will now be going to represent the UK at a science and engineering fair in Los Angeles in May.

I think it’s great that there are these science fairs for the younger generation. I love to see what these students come up with, and it just goes to show that with an innovative mind, even young ones can invent just about anything and they have the ideas to wow the crowds.