Autonomous Quadroters; Building Our Way to the Future

Autonomous robots certainly aren’t a brand new technology, but I think it gets a little more interesting when these robots start to be able to build things, not just preform tasks.

The University of Pennsylvania GRASP Labs are the genius minds that are responsible for these Quadroters that are able to construct simple structures. They are able to lift these pretty heavy building blocks and place them into various precise positions to build something. Sure these structures are seemingly rudimentary, but I can imagine a day when these little bots are able to build houses.

In order to get the Quadroters constructing, the team fitted them with a special gripper in order to lift parts, and the parts have magnets that enable them to be put together.

Watch the video to see the Quadroters in action.

The Quadroters are able to work together in unison in their construction work.

Maybe one day there will be larger sized robots like these that are capable of constructing buildings and even skyscrapers. For now though, these Quadroters just reminds me of a hive of bees or wasps working together. Quite an eerie sight, if you ask me. They even sound like a hive of these bugs…