With the closure of recently, I believe many people are losing their faith on Nokia. (mostly high end Nokia phone users.) This has surely been true for myself and I have begun my new life with an Android powered phone – HTC Desire – after selling my 5 months old Nokia N900.

 What’s HOT on HTC Desire

The 1GHz Snapdragon CPU with 576MB of ram (64MB more than its cousin – Nexus One) is extremely fast. Web surfing experience has never felt so good!

Desire’s 3.7 AMOLED with 480 x 800 pixels plus HTC Sense UI looks extremely nice & eye candy! And the capacitive touch screen is MUCH MORE responsive than Nokia N900’s resistive touch screen. Finally someone is giving a decent challenge to Apple iPhone and HTC’s multi-touch pinch zooming makes it happen.

When it comes to the web, the guys at HTC have thought of it all – Facebook & Flickr integration, Facebook & YouTube app etc. In addition the Flash Lite support means I can still check out those fancy flashy websites on the web. But then again at least I didn’t lose the Full Flash Support in Nokia N900 –

Overall I’m pretty happy with my HTC Desire, it’s fast, very fast and EXTREMELY FAST!

Having said all this, I think Desire has some shortcomings too: 

  1. Android Éclair 2.1 does not supporting application installation on external memory card. 120MB for apps is just not enough! (Hopefully Froyo 2.2 will)
  2. No task manager and file manager – this is really WEIRD for the typical Smartphone cause you don’t feel like you’re controlling it. But third party apps will do.
  3. The alarm gets turned off automatically if it’s not in task manager ignore list. (Solution: Don’t install any Task Manager and let Android handle it.)
  4. The only way to wake up the phone is through the power button. This is extremely annoying and hopefully HTC will fix this in next update.
  5. A rather useless Optical Track Pad. Does anyone know what it’s for?
  6. Battery life is mediocre at best.
  7. Mobile Network connection problem -enabling & disabling it too fast or frequently will hang the device.
  8. Is it just me? Or does Android have a rather confusing interface. Sometimes long press for options, sometimes menu button to be pressed for options…
  9. There is no built in TV out and FM transmitter and no secondary camera. Hmm.. even iPhone 4 has it.
  10. Paid apps are not available in Malaysia.

I am compiling a comparison between HTC Desire and Apple iPhone 4 next couple of days. Hopefully this will help you decide on your favorite Smartphone.