Creative Headphone Designs

Following my previous post about cool designs, this time it’s all about headphones and earphones. For all the audiophiles out there who need their music on the go and look cool about it at the same time, here are some headgear designs for you.

First of all is the ever colourful designs by the Japanese company Kotori. Although these earphones might look simple, the creativity behind it is the sheer number of variations in colour you can choose for a pair.

If you don’t like the colour combinations already offered, you can customize your very own pair of earphones to your liking. There’s even a shuffle option if you want to randomize your colour selections.

If the earphones just aren’t to your liking, weather they be too inconspicuous or weather you want something flashier, Copenhagen’ s AIAIAI have partnered with Kilo to create these great looking headgear to satisfy the audiophile in you.

With their great looking, yet light-weight Tracks Headphone Series, you’ll be looking stylish and be able to enjoy your music wherever you go. Gone are the days of sweaty, uncomfortable headphones.

If you’re into the retro design for headgear, then WeSC (WearetheSuperlativeConspiracy) has just the thing for you. Who says that you can’t make the old new again? There’s just something that’s comfortingly familiar with the designs here that make me yearn for a good pair of retro looking headphones.