2010 World Cup Special – Paladone’s Amazing Hover Football

With the World Cup 2010 right around the corner, the atmosphere is heating up! And so is the competition to create the craziest and most sought after gadgets for this year’s tournament! Rest assured that the World Cup will be one hell of an experience, thus make the experience a more memorable one by opting for a gadget that is both bold and revolutionary, definite to make the 2010 World Cup unforgettable!

Paladone’s Hover Football is what I am actually talking about. Well, it is called a football, and looks like one, but kick it anywhere within your home, and worry not about breaking anything! Unbelievable? There’s more! The Hover Football basically floats on a self-invented air cushion, thus you would find it hovering around your home innocently, waiting to be kicked.

The existence of a soft bumper within the gadget allows it to bounce off any surface without damaging it. Very useful if you ask me! And when the World Cup fever kicks in, trust me when I say that it would be on the receiving end on more than a few occasions! Hats off to Paladone for such an inventive product, definite to capture the imaginations of many this summer!

The gadget-frenzy for the 2010 World Cup is set to increase exponentially within the next month or so. So keep your fingers crossed for more imaginative items to unfold before the World Cup starts this June in South Africa, they would undoubtedly fulfil your football and toys appetites at the same time!