The Book Depository: Cheap books, free international shipping

I stumbled upon this great resource that provides an excellent deal for buying books online. It’s called The Book Repository and offers great prices and most importantly, FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING to Malaysia.

Double checking the prices between The Book Repository and shows that more often than not, TBR is able to match or even beat the prices offered by Amazon. After factoring in shipping prices, TBR becomes a seriously good deal.

The website interface is a little bit disorientating, but given the wide range of books on sale, it’s a joy to browse through and see all sorts of topics on sale. My friend wanted to get a book on Greek Mythology, and the prices at Kinokuniya wass more than RM100 for a thin book while I found a 700 page book on TBR for less than $20!

For popular paperbacks(eg Stephanie Meyer’s Eclipse or Haruki Murakami’s Kafka on the Shore), prices tend to range in the RM45 territory (after conversion), which makes it a tad more expensive compared to stuff you can find at Popular. However TBR’s greatest strength is in the almost gigantic library it carries, making finding books on obscure subjects or things not sold here a breeze.

I’m not sure how customs will handle buying books overseas, whether there will be any additional duties imposed, etc. As it is, a book lover should have no problem spending lots of time (and money) on books that you can’t get anywhere else!