A World Cup Experience – Forget 3D, It’s Time for 3D LED TVs!

If you thought Sony’s recently launched 3D TVs were hot, I guess it’s time you check out Samsung’s all-new 3D LED TVs. Aimed at revolutionizing the way home-viewers watch the telly, Samsung’s brilliant new technology has been unveiled at exactly the right time, just about three months before the World Cup kicks off! Imagine watching Brazil versus Spain on one of these breathtaking screens! Now that’s what you call the ultimate viewing experience!

Be prepared to anticipate incredible depth and clarity perfection with a whole range of new 3D LED TVs from Samsung, from the entry-model 46-inch C7000 series, to bigger models such as the 55-inch. For now, viewers are expected to wear a pair of electronic glasses that opens and closes in quick succession, providing you with the perfect 3D effect and experience.

The recent rise of popularity of 3D TVs is attributed to the success of Avatar, a recent 3D blockbuster made by master-director James Cameron. And the World Cup is set to reap dividend from this recent interest in 3D TVs as more of the population are expected to invest in 3D TVs ahead of the World Cup this summer to get the best viewing experience possible!

Hats off to the cool dudes at Samsung Electronics in Korea for this amazing invention, and for the impeccable timing as well! Samsung disclosed that they are planning to enrich the way viewers watch sports, movies and TV at home. We believe you guys, completely!