3D World Cup Experience with Sony

If you thought that we have reached the peak of television experiences with LED TVs, think again! Sony has made us at least! Those brilliant dudes at Sony has conjured up the latest in telly experiences, and guess what, it’s 3D this time!

Collaborating with FIFA, Sony has managed to make football’s governing body to allow them to capture 25 matches at South Africa 2010 in full 3D mode, allowing football fans all around the world to watch the most important matches on the planet in a 3D-perspective! Well, if you are indeed a football fan, this would interest you greatly, but if you are not, then you would do well to flip the page!

Watching a tournament as huge as the World Cup in 3D would indeed be a breathtaking experience, as it provides you with the feeling of almost being at the stadiums themselves in South Africa! Then again, you would need to have a compatible TV set to be able to obtain this viewing pleasure.

Using the world’s most watched sports as the medium to market their 3D TVs is indeed a masterful tactic by Sony, and broadcasting the matches through 3D-perspective would give viewers an absolutely amazing and different experience than ever before! And before you know it, the 3D-craze would be all over the place, with Sony leading the pack as the pioneers!

If you aren’t about to get a 3D TV set yourself, don’t you fret! Sony have confirmed that they are hosting “Fan Fests” in seven different cities across the globe to introduce to the world the ultimate experience of 3D-cameras and TVs, and the ever-popular 3D Bravia sets would be set into prominence here without a doubt! The Sony Bravia comes with the futuristic RealD 3D technology that would certainly blow you away, technology-wise! Fans could watch their favourite team play and battle in out against each other in 3D, and what better stage than the World Cup?

The 3D-mania is set to take over the globe, and is the next-big thing without a shout of a doubt! The question remains, when will you choose to be part of this craze? Why not let Sony convince you?