Nokia N900 the Multi-tasking Monster

Recently in November 2009, Nokia released their latest Flagship model – the N900 – right after the N97 Mini. The Nokia N900 is a special phone, it’s not just a phone, it’s a mini computer or you can call it an Internet Tablet much like its ancestor, the Nokia 770, N800 and N810.

Being Nokia’s flagship model, the N900 has several unique features that most of the phone in the market doesn’t.

Nokia N900 key features,

–         ARM Cortex A8 600 MHz CPU with PowerVR SGX graphics (The one in iPhone 3GS)

–         Best web browser in the market with Full AJAX, Javascript and Flash Support!

–         Adobe Flash Player 9.4 (It’s not Flash Lite 3.0 and Flash 10.1 player is on it’s way to N900!)

–         32GB Internal Storage (27GB usable), memory card expansion slot. (You can make it up to 64GB of total storage!)

–         1GB Application RAM (256MB physical RAM, 768MB virtual RAM) Multitasking is the King!

–         Maemo 5 Operating System (Coolest OS ever!)

–         QWERTY Keyboard

–         3.5 inch resistive touchscreen at 800 x 480 pixels resolution! (iPhone has 320 x 480 pixels only)

–         Built-in FM Transmitter

–         5 Megapixels, Carl Zeiss optics camera with Auto focus and Dual LED Flash. Video recording at WVGA, 848 x 480 pixels at 25 FPS.

–         Integrated A-GPS with FREE Ovi Maps.

–         Skype and Google Talk integration

–         4 Fully customizable desktop and live widgets everywhere!

–         Push Email and SMS in Threaded View.

Something missing….

Since Nokia N900 has evolved to an Internet Tablet with Telephony Function, it lacks tons of basic telephony function that a conventional mobile phone should have.

These are the main features missing in Nokia N900 by default (at firmware PR1.1.1),

–         Portrait Mode. (Everybody is complaining about this.) Starting from firmware PR1.1, N900 allows portrait mode in web browsing. Other than that, it only allows portrait mode in photo viewing and phone calling.

–         Bluetooth is not able to send file by default. Thanks to an application called Petrovich, and now you can. J

–         No contact ringtone. You can only assign one ringtone for all calls.

–         No Pinch Zooming. N900 uses resistive touchscreen… no hope for that…

–         No MMS support.

–         No 3G video chat despite N900 featured a secondary camera and 3.5G support.

–         No Java Application support.

–         No Digital Compass

–         Network service command is not allowed.

–         No Asian language input support.

–         Current version of Ovi Maps has no voice guidance.

–         Very basic music player (No equalizer, virtual 3D and etc.)

–         No global search engine within the phone.

Nokia currently has no intention to release this monster in Asia yet. But because we’re enthusiastic, we’re actually one of the earliest N900 owners in Malaysia and we’re proud of it.

Before moving to an in-depth review of N900 functionality, let’s us tell you what we have done with our Nokia N900.

Things we’ve done with our Nokia N900,

–         Running desktop version of Facebook.

–         Playing videos and Flash game (eg. Who has the biggest brain) in Facebook directly.

–         Playing around with X-Terminal.

–         Hosting SSH server.

–         Connecting to FTP Server.

–         Remote desktop to our laptops.

–         Playing Bounce Evolution (Graphic is on par of Sony PSP!) with TV-out.

–         Running our GBA games using VGBA application.

–         Customizing N900 desktop widget with Linux command.

–         Installing applications, Facebooking and Youtubing at the same time with TV-out!

–         Multitasking, multitasking and multitasking!

Stay tuned with for more in depth review and experiments for Nokia N900. By the way, firmware PR1.2 is coming very soon! It’ll be a major upgrade, let’s hope for more functionalities for the great N900!