Delivering Great Presentations like Steve Jobs

With the announcement of Apple iPad just behind us, it’s time to look at the legend behind Apple’s meteoric success, CEO Steve Jobs and his captivating presentations. What is the secret to this man’s success?

Well, beyond the obvious hard work, practice, and attention to detail to each and every one of his slides and keynotes, there are some recurring habits that Jobs uses to make his presentations that much more captivating.

Those who want to find out more about how this amazing man delivers his product presentations can check out his famous speech delivered to students at Stanford.

The way he presents is very simple, using minimum text, almost NO bullet points, minimal jargon (except where necessary, like the spec sheets) and powerful phrases like “the world’s thinnest laptop” when revealing the Macbook Air.

Here is some information on the methods and techniques that make Steve Job’s presentation so exciting and charming. He has even been described as being able to project a “Reality Distortion Field” during his keynotes, allowing people to get excited over things that, in retrospect, aren’t that interesting and can even be downright problematic, such as the absence of a CD-rom or USB port in the Macbook Air.

Steve Job’s make great use of numbers in his keynotes, as it is a simple and powerful way of conveying information to ordinary people. Although he seems to have lost a lot of weight due to a fight with cancer, it appears that if the recent iPad indicated anything, its that he will be around for a while longer to sell us more expensive money-sucking toys.

Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs