Google Nexus One revealed, evolutionary but not revolutionary.

Google promised they would deliver news on their famous Nexus One phone and they have delivered just that when they revealed all the details regarding the GPhone earlier this week.

However the excitement (as witnessed from live Twitter feeds) gradually waned as it represents no significant differences from existing Android phones, but does showcase the pinnacle of Android technology. I have no doubt that the technological crown will be snatched away from the Nexus One in the next half year, but all in all it’s still a pretty sweet smartphone.

Like all previous high-end Android devices, it will be manufactured by Taiwan’s HTC, with Google supposedly being intimately involved in the design of the phone and user experience. Its unsure just how much or important Google’s involvement is, although it does mean that the phone gets loaded with the newest Android 2.1 smartphone operating system.

It will come with only 4GB of internal storage but supports the Secure Digital expansion slot so storage is not a problem. The screen is a nice and big capacitive OLED touchscreen, so in terms of screen quality it’s expected to beat out both the Droid and Iphone 3GS. The integrated 5MP camera is also welcome and paired with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 1GHz processor it is to date the most powerful smartphone on the planet. Google’s Nexus One website also just launched with more details and videos about the phone and also with a useful link to purchase the phone directly unlocked from Google.

As for the looks factor, it is sleek and thin, which is amazing given the number of gadgets they crammed into it – digital compass, GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth, etc. Everything that’s anything can be found on the Nexus One, short of multitouch controls (due to possible patent issues with Apple).

It’s interesting to see Google’s philosophy of open standards carry forward into the Nexus One, as they are selling them unlocked for US$529, which makes it $70 cheaper than the iPhone 3GS without a contract. That’s a good price considering the number of technology that’s packed into the Nexus One.

But at the end of the day, all the hype machine ground to a halt and we are left happy with an awesome thin, voice-controlled, diminutive yet powerful gadget although it didn’t quite blow our mind. The Nexus One can be purchased directly from Google NOW if you live in the UK, US, Hong Kong or Singapore.

Apple iPhone die-hards, maybe this is a worthy alternative?