iPod Touch 3G, Apple Tablet? Rumor mills start churning

Back in the end of 2007, people were already heavily speculating on an Apple Tablet being worked on that would be the first of its type to come out from Apple but ever since the patent filings for the idea of such a device by Apple, not much have been revealed and indeed two years down the road we have yet to see even a whiff of the mythical beast.

Apple iPod Event

But it appears that with Steve Jobs back at Apple, news that the tablet is true after all have started to emerge. Stories about analysts having personally handled the device have surfaced and claims that the device will be unveiled in September and available later this year and to add some credibility to the report, it was claimed that other ODMs have frozen their product development to see what Apple has in store, possibly so that they can attempt to make a copy of it at a much cheaper price. To be honest, they are probably playing it safe and trying to see if anything new is coming out, which the most certainly will, bringing us to the next rumor, the iPod Touch 3G.

Macbook Touch

At this stage its pretty much confirmed that the third generation of the Touch will be revealed this September, known as the annual iPod event where every new model of iPod have been announced. The date of 9/9/2009 have been thrown into the mix, a classic example of showboating by Apple which has yet to be confirmed nor denied officially, although judging from the pic shown above, its definitely possible; just wait till the first week of September for the official announcement. The new iPod Touch is expected to have their own cameras and sport the same faster internals as the iPhone 3GS. Its a compelling reason to upgrade if its sold at the same price that Apple currently sells their iPod Touch 2G.

Microsoft however is not taking it down, as their Zune HD has packed more power into the small device, with the bright and awesome OLED display (certainly a sight to behold if you’ve never seen one in real life), HD radio, Tegra chipset from NVIDIA for raw power, etc. The only thing holding the Zune HD back is a less competitive Application Store which Apple has and is populated by millions of games, productivity tools, expenses trackers, etc. It will take the Zune perhaps a few more years before their application support and development reaches today’s Apple standards.

For the rest of us, September’s iPod event may well turn out to be the Tablet event of the year.