HP Pavilion 2009f LCD Monitor review

People at HP is kind enough to send us a new HP Pavilion 2009f LCD Monitor. Their dispatch had it delivered right to our office yesterday… it was unexpectedly fast as we had only talked about this a few days before. I wasted no time in unboxing this new baby and hoping to give it a spin right away…

There were nothing much in the box apart from the LCD monitor, there were a few cables, a CD and a warranty sheet. That’s about it, of course it came with the protective cushions also.

Let’s check out some photos of the LCD monitor.

HP Pavilion 2009f

HP 2009f. Please ignore the tiny dusts… my camera was good. 🙂

HP monitor

The contents of the box.

My colleague loves the LCD so much even before we managed to setup this new gadget. 🙂

I love my LCD

The unboxing was done. The setup should have been very straight forward, just put it on the table and tilt the stand. But I think something might have gone wrong with the stand, it won’t budge although we have applied some reasonable strength. If we tried any harder, it might break already!

HP LCD monitor

There is no buttons or levels to press it seems. So, for the time being while waiting for the HP friend to get back to us, this LCD monitor sits proudly on our sofa. 🙂