Integrate Google into Microsoft Office suite

If you are a frequent user of Microsoft’s Office suite of programs, you might find the lack of useful resources from Microsoft’s Clipart particularly annoying especially when you are just looking for a nice little graphics to enhance the document or presentation you are working on. Frequently, I myself am drawn to Google’s Image Search when looking for inspiration, but wouldn’t it be great if you can do it all from within Office itself instead of having to switch between your document and an external image searching solution?

Office sync

Integrates with Google Docs

That’s exactly what Offisync offers you, along with other Google-friendly integrations that strive to make your Office experience that much more productive. The first big feature of Offisync is integration with Google Docs.

This allows you to save your work directly into Google’s servers and opens up the ability to have collaborative editing performed at the same time on one document. It also means that you can have access to any of your Office documents anywhere you go as long as you have an Internet connection: very handy if you are prone to be forced to work from areas that does not have Office installed, or in printing rooms.

Integrated Search

The integration means that all your documents will be instantly search-able via Google’s powerful search algorithms, useful if you have many documents saved.  The best feature is that you can directly search Google Image repositories from within Office itself through the Clipart interface, saving you the need to switch between applications. With a click of a button, the image is immediately downloaded and pasted into your document. It is truly a very convenient method to encourage you to add more pictures to your document to make it more lively.

The program is available here and is currently in Beta, although it is already pretty stable to be used in production environments.

Check out the following Offisync video demo.