Why I dumped iPhone and switched to a BlackBerry

Right now, the hottest and most talked about mobile phone in the market is the iPhone 3GS. iPhone 3G is well known for its cool and sleek design, easy of use and exceptionally good web browsing experience. Now, with the latest iPhone 3GS, this phone is made even better with a host of enhanced features.

iPhone 3GS new features:

  • The “S” stands for “SPEED!”. This phone is now much faster in almost everything!
  • 3 Megapixels camera with auto focus, auto exposure, and auto white balance.
  • Supports video, 30 frames per second VGA with auto focus, auto white balance, and auto exposure.
  • Better connectivity – Three band UMTS/HSDPA, Four band GSM/EDGE, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
  • Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating!
  • Magnetometer, which works with a Compass application.
  • Voice control.
  • Increased battery life.

Too much new features to list here, you might just want to read it on Apple.com.

With all these great features, you would expect I to love iPhone 3GS forever, but well, maybe not anymore… see why below! 🙂


Hey, I can SMS with US President Obama better on the Blackberry!

US President



Okay, seriously. iPhone 3GS or Blackberry is your choice? Why? Share with us your preference and thoughts.