Bookmarklet Directory for Firefox, Chrome and Safari

Much have been written and said about the use of bookmarklets as a nifty and fast way of achieving specific things with your browser without the unnecessary need to install extensions that increase browser bloat and takes up a lot of memory to run, even though you are only using them 10% of the time. The advantages of bookmarklets are also that it is cross browser compatible (most of them anyway) and is the only method of adding more functionality to Chrome, as the extensions community for Google’s browser has not yet gained the critical mass compared to Firefox.


A repository of Bookmarklets

However, getting your hands on useful bookmarklets have proven to be a less than friendly experience. Google searches brings up only a handful of relevant results and the majority of them are scattered all over the web. This is where Bookmarklet Directory comes into place. As more and more people come to understand and appreciate the simplicity of bookmarklets, there will be a growing number of user-generated bookmarklets and Bookmarklet Directory aims to collect and rate each submitted bookmarklet in a central repository, much like what has done for Greasemonkey scripts.

There are a huge number of bookmarklets currently on the site, running on a diverse range of platforms including Firefox, Chrome, Safari and even the iPhone version of Safari. The site categorizes into highest rated, newest and also most popular. You can also browse by tags. However, missing is the option to browse by function, which makes it a tad bit difficult if you are looking for a specific way of achieving something via bookmarklet. The search function attempts to bridge this though.

Being so Web 2.0, Bookmarklet Directory also has a Twitter feed which you can follow @bookmarklets.