Archview previews ISO/ZIP/RAR archives, allows selective downloading

How often have you run into the problem where you just need a single file from a zip file hosted online, and have to download the entire archive just to access that single file? Wouldn’t it be easier if we could download just that portion of the file we need?


Well, a solution has finally arrived. This tool, called LoadScout, is completely free and does exactly that, giving you the ability to tell it where the archive is. It will quickly download the list of files contained within that archive and you can selectively choose which ones you need and you only need to download those parts.

I’m not sure how they do this but the technology is pretty nifty! You can also use it to preview parts of a song to see whether it is worth the download. However, it has some problems working with file sharing sites, so the usefulness is limited due to this.


An alternative is Archview, a Mozilla Firefox extension that does the same thing, except its integrated into the browser and can be easily accessible.

Both these utilities are tremendously helpful in doing these very specific tasks, although you might not run often into a situation where you have to use them extensively. However, when you do, you’ll be glad.