8 Inspirational Blogging Attitudes from Britain’s Got Talent

With Diversity been crowned as the winner of Britain’s Got Talent, followed by Susan Boyle at second place, and Julian Smith at third, it marked the end of another outstanding talent show. The winners are chosen based on votes from the pubic viewers, and the winning team not only rewarded with £100000 GBP but also gets to perform at the Royal Variety Performance, in front of the Queen of England that is. Considered that the highest honor one normal civilian could ever had in his/her life.

Now what can the results tell us about blogging attitudes? No matter what field we’re in, we are constantly dealing with consumer needs, desire for attentions, and popularity. These 3 talented acts could teach us loads of strategies or attitudes we should inculcate in our blog. I’m not going to emphasis how talented these people are, as obviously in that category, everyone is the winner.

Let’s have a look at their winning factors in this competition, defeating the other 7 groups who were amongst the favorites of British viewers:

3rd Place: Julian Smith (Saxophone Player)



Julian has shown his down to earth personality in his stage performance, which I believe captured the hearts of many voters. In the world that’s full of talented and remarkable blogging individuals, what really differentiates one from another is their attitude towards their work and readers. No matter how experienced and gifted a blogger is, he/she should always appreciate the work of others and be humble with their own achievements.  It’s a virtue and lifelong lesson that all bloggers should bear in mind.

Persistence & Ambitious:

So Julian is 39 years old! After playing the instrument for almost 20 years and working as a music teacher, the guy has never stopped pursuing after his dream. No matter how or when your blog will be discovered, only by persistency and holding on to your belief, your dreams could be realized. If it’s your passion to blog, be willing to work hard and never give up easily.

2nd Place: Susan Boyle (Singer)


Be The Unexpected:

This talented lady won over the hearts of many, globally that is, for having the plain, ordinary appearance, yet wowed everyone with her singing. We should never underestimate one’s ability, as in judging a book by its cover. In blogging, try to be the unexpected. Think out of the box, and be innovative with your ideas. Never stop learning and be prepared to wow your audience with a killer post.

Remain Your True Self:

Upon seeing her performing on stage, wearing this elegant dress and delivered the song beautifully, I was actually missing the cheeky side of her. I’m glad after the song she was back with her cheerful self. She graciously applauded the winner, Diversity; also responded humorously to the crowd who booed her when one of the judges claiming she should won the title. It’s easy to lose track of who we are while pursuing our success in blogging. Some claiming themselves to be the experts which in reality, not.  Don’t be a hypocrite. It saves alot of embarrassment and disappointments when reality is on the table.

Face the Critics with Dignity & Honesty

Also, we witnessed the good and bad of being magnified under mass media coverage. It’s great to be famous, but then again, some will be skeptic and question whether you deserve the spotlight or not. Learn to face those who opposed us, whether for good or wrong reasons. When a critic is well intentioned, accept it with grace. We can’t expect everyone to like our blogs, but it’s important to know whose comments we should take into account while some remained as it is.

1st Place: Diversity (Dance Group)



Their group name says it all. From the guys who are in their 20s to kids about 10+ years old, those guys are amazing in forming a team that is so different in physical sizes, yet well choreographed. Diversify our presentations in blogging. Don’t just stick to one but dare to take chances and try various ways to deliver our message in a post.


For a group that’s formed by 11 dancers, without teamwork it’s impossible to make things happen. If you are not the sole author for a blog, always communicate and interact with your fellow co-authors. Be clear with your goals. Tolerance and patience are what make a successful collaboration in a blog.

Creativity and Current:

Imagine the combination of Transformers, Superman (or boy), Britain’s Got Talent and mix them all together in the choreography – genius! It captured the hearts of the audiences and the judges. Make sure your content is always relevant and up to date, implies the message via popular tag lines, quotes etc to make your blog post stands out from the others. People are always keen on reading fresh ideas. So make sure you stay current.

So there you have it. While enjoying a great talent show, we get to learn something at the same time. Did you enjoy the performance? Share your thoughts about other inspirations you came across.