Polaris makes Google Analytics fun again

Polaris is a desktop application, which pulls data from your Google Analytics account and displays them in a simple, clean interface giving you quick access to all your stats in an aesthetically pleasing interface.

Granted, the data displayed can always be found just by logging on to Google’s website, but this method allows you to have a full-featured desktop application that aggregates the data in a more user-friendly way.


The software runs on Adobe’s Air platform, which can be best described as “flash for your desktop” as it allows developers to build simple, beautiful applications that are almost widget-like in looks and functionality. The program has nice graphs, charts and animations to display your visitor numbers, traffic sources, referring sites, top content, top keywords and a host of other information essential for running a successful blog.

Traffic stats

The free version (decent enough) allows you to access only one profile at a time, which is more than enough for any average blogger. Should you have more than one website and want to view everything at one go, a fee of US$15 a year is required, which is not outrageous considering the quality of software. Give Polaris a try!