Microsoft Xbox 360 problems

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has been dogged by unreliability since the day it was launched. It took them some 3 years before they got a handle of the problem, also referred to affectionately as the Red Ring of Death (RROD).

The problem had something to do with the console overheating itself and causing the motherboard to warp and loosening the graphics chip. As a result, many aftermarket “modded” coolers were made available to try to rectify the problem, while Microsoft responded by basically reengineering the console’s innards.


Then there was another problem with the power adapter overheating if placed on carpeted floor.

In response to these problems, Microsoft launched back in 2007 a warranty program that guarantees the console against the infamous RROD for three years, or a replacement is yours free of charge. It was more of a marketing gimmick rather than a solid step in solving the problem though, as reports of RROD continue to pour in, although at least you can get a replacement for free so the only loss is time and effort. It was only recently that they have finally stamped out most of the problem.

With the latest Xboxes launching, it appears that the RROD has gone away. However, recently reports of a new problem, codenamed Error E74 has started emerging at a steady pace since last November.

Micrisoft reveals that the problem is a “general hardware failure” equivalent to the RROD and hence the 3 year warranty will cover this problem as well. Unfortunately, it does not bode well for the console’s infamous reputation. Other fansites have reportedly pinned the problem to a loose AV connector which can manifest in funny or weird scanlines across the screen prior to total failure of the console.

Do any of you have experiences with this latest problem on your own Xbox consoles?