Overclocking your Mouse

If you think that overclocking is limited to hardware such as processors, memory and graphics card, then you are in for a new class of overclock-able hardware: the humble mouse!

3D mouse

Ever since Razer started the gaming mouse market, we have seen a flood of these so-called gaming-grade mice that comes with all sorts of improvements and features. Some of them are useful, such as macro programming for your mouse to execute a series of commands with a click of a button (now you know how you got pwned so quickly!) and increased sensitivity while others are less so, such as adjustable weight control for your mouse.

One of the more important things to come out of this is something called USB polling. By default, your USB port works at 125MHz, so your mouse reports the pointer position 125 times a second. Razer allowed 500MHz or even up to 1000MHz of polling rate, increasing the accuracy of your pointer because it is being updated much more quickly per second.

And it really works. The pointer gives a smoother response because there is less ‘guessing’ by the operating system while your mouse is moving, as they can take the data directly from your mouse since it is transmitting it so quickly.

Overclocking mouse

If you own a mouse and would like to increase your default USB polling rate, you can do so either via the mouse’s own built in feature or using a hack here, if you have an older mouse or one that does not support overclocking right out of the box. Be warned that you might not be able to run your mouse at such a fast speed, even though you are forcing it to. As a result, you will see no apparent difference.

There is also a comprehensive list of mouse tweaks to be performed for the most hardcore gamers. Among the tips given is that you must always disable mouse acceleration and keep the pointer speed at default, so that the OS does not interfere with your mouse’s performance, measuring your USB polling rate (good for the tweak above to see if your mouse is really working at the faster speed) and so on. A good read if you want to squeeze out every bit of gaming advantage over your opponent.