Free software download Revo Uninstaller

Today we present to you a wonderful app called Revo Uninstaller. You may or may not have heard of it before, but it is a freeware portable application, which obsoletes even the Windows built-in uninstall manager!

Revo Uninstaller

The uninstall manager in Windows is notoriously useless. All it does is gather a link of your installed application’s own uninstaller. Sometimes it even screws up and gives you an error stating the application has no uninstaller. It is also notoriously useless at failing to completely remove installed applications, and you have to use things like a registry cleaner to clean up the mess.

Thus, Revo Uninstaller comes in to save the day! One of its strength is being able to run in portable mode, so you can simply drag it into your pendrive and use it anywhere you go. It’s a perfect addition to your pendrive toolkit.

The main feature of Revo Uninstaller is it’s ability to automatically detect installed programs and give you the option of completely removing all traces of it from your system, including from the registry! It also has a Hunter Mode, which turns your mouse into a crosshair, and you can click on anything and it will uninstall it. It’s perfect for targeting unknown applications hiding in the taskbar for a quick cleaning.

In addition to its savvy uninstalling capability, it also comes with a great startup manager to keep track on what is on your system when you start up, a junk file cleaner (ala CCleaner), secure delete and others making it an all-in-one solution to help you get rid of stuff.

I cannot recommend Revo Uninstaller highly enough, suffice to say once you try it out, there is no way you’ll be going back to Windows ugly uninstaller ever again. And the fact that it completely removes the application from your system leaving no trace is a good thing to satisfy my neat-freak tendencies.