I earned US$12830 in Google AdSense today

Hi friends, look how much I have earned in Google AdSense these days! Yesterday, it was great with over US$8100, but today it was an all time record where I cracked US$10k in a single day!

You don’t believe me? Let me show you my AdSense screenshot as proof!

Google AdSense

Ok Ok, I know I can’t fool you smart readers… the fake AdSense earning report above was created using Google AdSense Generator.

This generator can generate fairly convincing Google AdSense report screenshots with all identifying details blacked out, based on the income you specify. It asks for today’s and yesterday’s earnings and fills in the same image with the variables you specify.

Google AdSense earning

Had my earnings in the screenshot above been a few hundred dollars, maybe you might have believed it. Haha…

This article highlights how easy it is to create a fake Google AdSense earnings screenshot, so don’t be misled by false claims and unbelievable earnings screenshots. The generator is easy to use, you don’t need PrintScrn, SnagIt and not to mention Photoshop anymore!…

I can’t think of a good and useful reason to use the generator though…