Explode your blog traffic with EntreCard

Entrecard is an advertising exchange network for bloggers where you could boost your blog’s traffic using 125×125 banners. This is may sound like any ordinary banner exchange network but the important thing is it’s tailor for bloggers and it works like a charm! Entrecard is started at around November this year by Graham Langdon, a 22-year old Internet Entrepreneur.


By adding the 125×125 Entrecard banners to your blog, you can publicize other blogs on yours, and your blog on others, all for free for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This advertising is paid for through Entrecard credits, which are earned when you “drop your card” through a simple click on other blogger’s Entrecard banners, when they drop their card on yours, and when someone pays you with credits to place an ad on your blog.

I have personally used this program and it added quite a number of visits to my blog on the first day I had the banner in. I can’t remember how much traffic it jumped, but it was enough to let me keep the Entrecard widget/banner on my homepage.

Of course, there have been some negative comments about EntreCard. Some pointed that very little percentage of that traffic is truly targeted (meaning they are interested in your blog’s content). In other words, how much of that traffic is going to stay on your blog and read your blog posts, rather than there to drop an Entrecard and then left? Perhaps, all they want to do is drop their cards so they can earn more credits. But for me, I think visitors are visitors and it is up to you how you make use of this. There are a lot of ways to take those visitors and make them read your content. If your content is good and interesting, they will become loyal readers, subscribe to your RSS feed and etc.

Have you used Entrecard yet? If you haven’t, it’s not too late to Sign up and use today I guess.