A plain English explanation of what are blogs

If you’ve been surfing the web for a few hours, you’ve most likely heard of “blogs” or weblogs. But, what are blogs?


A blog is a diary or journal on the Internet where the writer or more known as the “blogger” will write his/her views on a wide variety of subjects such as politics, news, pop culture, computers, food and drinks, and even observations on the world or simply provide links to useful websites. These mostly personal journals on the Internet have taken the web by storm. They are usually frequently updated and written in a personal tone. Different bloggers adopt different themes, sort of like a newspaper columnist but with no specialized training.

If the above quick explanation is still too difficult to digest, what about a very plain English explanation of what are blogs in video format?

Thanks to the folks from CommonCraft, the video is really nicely done. It explains the blog concept in easy to understand drawings. The drawings are cute. Even if you are a problogger you will still enjoy the cute drawings in the video.

Enjoy. 🙂