Orange introduces seven-meter high recharge Pod tent

The music festival season at Glastonbury may have already started, and no doubt there were many festival goers who had found themselves without an ounce of charge in the mobile phones. This can be really annoying.

Recharge tent

But how do you charge your mobile phone or MP4 player, when you are camped out in the middle of a field? Well the mobile telecoms company, Orange has been thinking about this and will be making available at the main festival the Orange ReCharge Tent.

The tent stands seven meters tall and when the 500 watt solar panels and 500 watt wind turbine are in full power they will be able to charge up to over a hundred phones or personal music players each day. Or 100 devices per hour.

If this proves to be a success then, Orange says that they may consider making more of these tents which could be taken to other events. Of course it has a good spin on it for Orange, for when people are charging up their phones, the staff can be telling them about their new deals and packages. 🙂