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The Internet is always full of ways to make money online. So it’s no wonder why a lot of people call the Internet a gold mine. Yes, you have the PPC, the Affiliate programs, the E-commerce, the gaming, and others that I’ve probably never heard of.

There is one that I heard of just recently. A friend introduced this ‘Earn While You Search’ program to me because I am on the Internet almost 14 hours a day, doing researches. I don’t usually think highly of these programs but I figured, why not? I’ll just have to search with a search box on my browser instead of going directly to Google. So I signed up with MySearchFunds.

Basically, MySearchFunds is a program that pays you for searching with them. While they are not a search engine, all they need you to do is search through them with Google, Yahoo, and other search engines. It’s a shame you can’t control where your search results come from though. But fortunately for me, up till now all my results were returned from Google, my favorite search engine.

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To use the service, you will need to sign up (to keep track of your searches and your earnings) and install the MySearchFunds search box. I’m using Firefox so the search box is on the top right corner of my browser. The service is completely free of charge and the earnings will be paid via PayPal, unless of course if you are in the United Kingdom, then you can request to be paid via your bank account. And all accounts will be paid in 45 days after each month ends. Like the example give on the website, for searches done in January, you will be paid in mid-March. I just started a couple of days ago, so I figured I will be paid in July then.

I have searched scams and horror stories in regards to MySearchFunds and they do have their fair share of horror stories. On the plus side, there are also good stories about them too and I also found threads in forums where there were people who provide proofs for their payout. And since I don’t have to pay to use this service, I don’t really see any reasons to not sign up and earn a little extra in my PayPal. It’s not much, but it’s better than nothing. The image below shows my earnings in 3 days. I always forgot I have to use the search box on my browser. smiley

MySearchFunds EARNINGS

This program is okay for me as long as I remember to use the search box. Well, if you have used MySearchFunds before or know of anything that is similar to this, do leave us a comment and share your opinions with us.