Sony Ericsson PSPhone

Apple is very smart in turning its popular iPod into iPhone which takes the world by storm! Now, rumor has it that Sony is doing the same thing, trying to turn its market leading gaming console PSP into PSPhone! The rumor is becoming more and more real now with the following leaked pictures of the Sony Ericsson PSPhone.

Sony Ericsson PSPhone

If the picture above is not enough, an article found in Sony Magazine hinted that “The PSP-Style Phone could be in shops as early as February”.

Sony Magazine

Although no details have been released in terms of the specs about the phone, but the mockup above looks like it features a 3-inch wide-screen display, dual-slide design, and a functional game pad. Pretty sleek and cool, huh?

For me this must be a gadget in the top of my wish list as I love both PSP and iPhone, which I do not own. But in the very near future, I can own both of them at the same time in a compact device, how cool! Just hope the screen is a touch screen type.

Are you ready to put aside your iPhone and embrace the PSPhone? 🙂