Sony Ericsson P1i on a WLAN

You all know that I am not good at reviewing stuff. But doesn’t matter, I will do one anyway today about my new baby Sony Ericsson P1i which I have owned for just over a week only… However, I won’t bore you with the technical details or the specs because you can find them all on sites such as CNet Asia.

I will show you something more interesting – the Sony Ericsson P1i on my wireless LAN. But, a hot picture first!

Sexy mobile phone

Next, we look at P1i’s vast connectivity options. The phone supports 3G, Bluetooth, A2DP (means the mobile phone can stream high quality audio to a wireless headset through Bluetooth connection), infrared, USB, and WLAN. I don’t have a 3G account, so not sure how it performs on a 3G connection, but let’s try hooking up the phone through my WIFI (WLAN) network. P1i detected my WLAN without any problem at all and connected to it in a breeze. By the way, my WLAN is WEP protected.

Browsing using the pre-installed Opera 8.65 is quick but soon I realized there is a better Opera optimized for mobile devices. This version is called Opera Mini, and I wasted no time and have this free software installed on my P1i. Obviously, it’s so much better than the standard Opera!

Sony Ericsson P1i

Opera Mini is very good in rendering web pages for small displays, such as that of the P1i’s 2.6 inch display. While it’s really difficult if not impossible to read a web page on a screen of this size, Opera Mini is very smart. You can tap on any part of the screen and the browser will zoom in for you to read. You can then make use of the touch screen capability to scroll up and down by dragging the web page, of course you can do that also using the scroll wheel (located at the side of the phone) or using the scroll bars of the browser.

Check out a video of this showing me browsing my blog on Opera Mini 4, at the end of this post.

Opera Mini 4

You can easily change the view to landscape also. Much like a wide-screen notebook, right? All these are the neat features offered by Opera Mini 4, made possible by P1i. 🙂

Another great thing about the Symbian OS (UIQ3) this mobile phone runs on is its capability to install whatever compatible applications you can get hold of, although there are not so many of them compared to older Symbian OSes. One of my favorite application I have tried was IM+ All-in-One Mobile Messenger. This is a really nice instant messaging application for UIQ3 devices. It supports not only MSN, but all the major instant messaging systems such as Yahoo Messenger, AIM, ICQ, Jabber and Google Talk.


IM+ is not free, but with the purchase of Sony Ericsson P1i, you are given a voucher to download commercial software from Sony Ericsson’s P1 Choice, a website dedicated to software for P1i. I have tried a couple of software from P1 Choice, and they run without any problem at all. I guess all the software here are hand-picked for P1i users. Most of them look very promisiong.

However, the voucher carries 10 points only, and good software such as IM+ costs 5 points. Not sure if we used up all the points, we can top-up or not?

I have yet to play with RSS feeds and PlayNow, whatever that might be; and many other features of this phone. I will update more about this phone in future posts. 🙂