You have seen Facebook, but what about Hatebook?

I know you have seen and used Facebook, but probably you are now bored with it. But have you seen Hatebook? Hatebook is a parody of social networking site, Facebook that looks and functions exactly the same, except with an evil twist. It lets you express your anger and rage.


Hatebook has many features that are similar with Facebook, and the interface is almost an exact copy only that it’s a fiery red evil theme. Hatebook is a place for you to be anti social and conniving.

After you sign up with them, you will be greeted with the following evil message:

Hello Sucker! Welcome to Hatebook! Your registration to the Evil Empire was successful. Feel free to pimp your hate profile.

In your profile, you list the things that you hate, and network with other evil people to create lies. You can even receive hate points. You also have the ability to upload photos and create hate albums and videos of those people whom you hate!

Do check out my Hatebook profile… I have added Liucf there! Wahahaha…

Some people are really creative. They see the popularity of Facebook and quickly created something similar, only name it Hatebook!