Shoemoney earned US$132,994.97 from Google AdSense in one month

If you are like myself who didn’t believe that a blog can earn such a fat check from AdSense, then you have to check out how much earned in a month. While I am still struggling to earn that magical number of US$1 a day, made US$132,994.97 in August 2005. Don’t believe me? Check the proof which the blog owner, Jeremy posted.

Google have granted him permission to put up his full stats for that month.

That check was his biggest he have ever received. What’s amazing was that he did that 100% from organic SEO, which means he didn’t buy traffic from MSN, Yahoo or use Google AdWords.

You can see from his AdSense screen shot that his CTR (click through rate) isn’t particularly high, mainly because most of his visitors are regular readers who are immune to the ads. But what’s amazing was his high traffic. 500K page views a day, 13 million impressions a month, and 125K clicks a month! You fall off your chair yet?!

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