Watch Prison Break, 24 and Lost for free

Folks, good news. You can watch your favorite TV shows, such as Prison Break, 24 and Lost for FREE. You not only have absolute access to these three famous thrilling dramas, there are loads more including the latest episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, Family guy, Desperate Housewives, House and Ugly Betty.

(That’s one of my favorite character, John Locke, played by Terry O’Quinn. He won the Emmy award for his supporting role in LOST)

I know most likely you TV fanatics have ways to watch these movies for FREE anyway, maybe using bitorrent to download them, but is at the very least a good way for you to preview before you spend days downloading them using bitorrent. Right or not?

Anyway, all videos in have been degraded to low resolution version, rather than high-resolution in order to save bandwidth… in a way this is a good move because how can you expect to have smooth streaming videos on our crappy Streamyx connection if the videos were in high DVD resolution? In case you want smoother videos on faster servers, then you can consider donating to attain VIP access.

I just came across this website a couple of days ago… but I think it’s a pretty good attempt to let us have free TV shows. Should you know a better way to watch free TV, do share with us OK?!