hacked by 1919turk

I was shocked and I just couldn’t believe it when my colleague told me this morning that has been hacked. If you are not aware of it, Golden Hope is a very big and well known estate and plantations company in Malaysia.

Anyway, below is a screen shot of the website after it’s hacked. Now, if you went to the site, it shows “Forbidden: You don’t have permission to access / on this server”. I believe the webmaster is trying hard to harden the server, and updating patches and all that to make the server more secure.

Hacked website

This is a lesson for all webmasters who take for granted that their websites are still running fine, and nobody will ever wanted to hack them.

You can see from the screen shot above, the group has taken credit of the hack. Who is Their website is in a foreign language beyond my knowledge, but I guess it’s in Turkish.

Anyway, according to Wikipedia, the year 1919 is of some significance in Turkish history:

The Greco–Turkish War of 1919–1922, also called the War in Asia Minor, or the Greek campaign of the Turkish War of Independence, was a series of military events occurring during the partitioning of the Ottoman Empire after the World War I between May 1919 and October 1922. The war was fought between Greece and Turkish revolutionaries of the Turkish National Movement that would later establish the Republic of Turkey.

Now, why would the group hack the Golden Hope website? I have no idea, and perhaps this will remain as a mystery unless you have some insider info to share with us.

Webmasters, remember to tighten the security of your websites. I hope my web hosting provider is reading this… 🙂