When can we get Playstation 3 in Malaysia?

It’s reported that the next-generation gaming console from Sony – the much hyped Sony Playstation 3 was released in Australia today. Tonnes of hardcore gamers queued tens of hours in advance in order to be the first to grab the hottest console on earth.

Australian gamers will be the first outside of the United States and Japan to experience the PS3, with a midnight (1300 GMT) launch at the Myer department store in central Sydney. PS3 was originally scheduled for worldwide launch in November 2006, but some problems in production forced the launching to include United States and Japan only.


Anyway, I am not a Playstation fanatic myself, I don’t even own PSone, not to mention Playstation 2. But looking at the brilliant images of PS3 is enough to make me drool… I think this time I might try my luck on a piece of the action by getting PS3; haha, skip PSone and PS2!

Anyone know when will PS3 hit Malaysia stores and how much it’ll cost? In Australia, it retails for 1,000 dollars (808 US). But, fear not, it comes complete with many impressive features such as a Blu-ray DVD player!

Read report on Yahoo News