Adobe Photoshop online edition coming soon!

Not too long ago, Adobe Photoshop made a hugh announcement, saying that they plan to launch a web-based version of Adobe Photoshop within six months. The hosted version will be free to use as with any other newly launched web services but it will be ad supported. If you think this is too surprising, no I didn’t make this up. You can read on CNet news.

Adobe Photoshop

The free, ad-supported Adobe Photoshop will compete head to head with other more established online image editors such as:

Adobe says the online edition will be a scaled down of the desktop version of Photoshop. The tools available will be more basic, and will be substantially less powerful than the desktop version.

Anyway, prior to the release of the Adobe Photoshop online edition, we will soon get to see Adobe Remix which will be released anytime from now. Adobe Remix is a web-based video editing and remixing tool which is available for free to Photobucket users.