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Advertisements to Turn Heads

18Jun2010 Filed under: Social Media

Go out anywhere today and take a look. Unless you are in Siberia or some other remote place, everywhere around you there will be promotions or advertisements telling you to buy something, try something, or just plainly conveying information to you. Just as the Internet is no spammed with ads, we often forget that the […]

Podcast Manager Recommendations

14Mar2010 Filed under: Computing, Social Media

Podcasting offers a wonderful world of user-created content ranging from small, independent (or even one person) podcasts such as the Mr Brown show, a popular Singaporean comedy program, to large studio project such as The Official Lost Podcast. There are literally thousands of streams of podcasts out there, some more exciting than others, but I […]

Update: Since this article was published when Adobe Flash 10.1 was still in beta,  it is probably no longer relevant to current Adobe Flash problems. This particular problem is quite nasty. It only happened to me recently and here are some tips to overcome it, although it cannot be 100% solved. Your computer may be […]

The phenomenal growth of Facebook and Twitter has made a huge impact on the online communities, and these websites continue to push what is possible in Web 2.0, developing new technologies to deal with interesting new problems posed by having such fast, instant communication possible all the time and also in enhancing the look and […]

Facebook is going to write its history exactly at 12:01 am (ETD), 13th June as it allows ALL users to have their custom URLs. In case you’re not a Facebook user, or haven’t noticed, all these whiles only the big names like Coca-Cola, NBA, Ashton Kutcher etc and Facebook staffs get to have their usernames […]