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Free porn! no software or plugins needed – download free videos! Please don’t tell me you are not attracted by this catchy headline… if you are not perhaps you need to go see a doctor straight away! Haha, no there is no free porn videos to download here, but I was surprised to see a […]

Honor Among Thieves Now, we all know about the licensing agreement that we have to agree to whenever we want to install a program right? It’s some long winded statements that tell us what we can’t do with the software and how we can be persecuted if we do this and that to the software. […]

Virus Attack On Pro-Tibet Internet Users

23Apr2008 Filed under: Others, Security

With the torch relay event just graced us last Monday, the Beijing Olympic Games 2008 is seems to be what people are talking nowadays. It is a hot topic in the kopitiam, on the television news, in the newspapers and of course, the ever reliable Internet. But the games is hardly what’s on everyone’s mind. […]

Terminator: P2P elimination

11Apr2008 Filed under: Computing, Security

It seemed like the era of P2P might come to an end after all, in the near future. The Japanese ISPs have apparently agreed to disconnect any users that they detected to be using any P2P (peer-to-peer) program such as BitTorrent, BearShare, and Japan’s very own Winny. They did have a go with an attack […]

Will Malaysia block YouTube website?

25Feb2008 Filed under: Best of the Internet, Security

News came in yesterday that Pakistan has blocked access to the popular video sharing website, YouTube because of objectionable video content. Reports said the content deemed offensive to Islam which resulted in the ban, included Danish cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad, and a trailer for a forthcoming film by Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders, which portrays […]