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I have recently made the shift to Google Chrome and missed the Ad-Block extension dearly. Chrome currently does not support a streamlined interface for providing plugin support unlike Mozilla Firefox, so I am left wanting for a way to bust the ads that keep appearing in my page. My attempts at looking for a way […]

Upgrade Your Browser with Firefox 3.5!

10Jul2009 Filed under: Mozilla, Software & Technology

Firefox 3.5 is now released and ready for download! Having been using Mozilla Firefox version 3.0 for almost 3-4 months now, I must say I’m totally impressed with this browser and anticipating for its 3.5 ever since the initial announcement. Let’s see what has the new release in store for us: 1. Faster – With […]

Much have been written and said about the use of bookmarklets as a nifty and fast way of achieving specific things with your browser without the unnecessary need to install extensions that increase browser bloat and takes up a lot of memory to run, even though you are only using them 10% of the time. […]

How often have you run into the problem where you just need a single file from a zip file hosted online, and have to download the entire archive just to access that single file? Wouldn’t it be easier if we could download just that portion of the file we need? Well, a solution has finally […]

I stumbled upon these two extensions for Firefox a couple of days ago and it is one of the more interesting add-on to change the way you think of browsing. It turns tabs to a tree format and allows you to have breadcrumbs in your URL. Tree Style Tab Tree-style UI has been prominently used […]