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Video games nowadays have become more and more advance. Lots of advanced technology have been used in order to fulfill the users’ satisfaction. Joysticks, game controllers also plays the important parts in bringing the game to life.

Augmented reality is high on Google’s to-do list with Project Glass among other things. To add to the list, Google’s Niantic Labs have come up with a pretty nifty map-based MMORPG for your android phone.

Zombie games are awesome, that’s generally a given, but sometimes it’s good to get off the couch and get some fresh air outside too. Apparently, some people have picked up on the idea of putting them together, so (with a bit of backing), the game ‘Zombies, Run!’ might just be heading to your smartphone very […]

Augmented Reality: Drivable Arcade Racing Game

23Aug2011 Filed under: Gaming and Games

Racing games are known and loved, but here’s what happens when someone makes the game a little more ‘realistic’. Garnet Hertz, a professor at UC Irvine has taken an old Sega OutRun arcade cabinet and turned it into something more roadworthy.

Here’s something incredibly fun for the Christmas season. Maker of last year’s ‘Chiristmas Lights Hero’, Ric Turner (former Disney ‘imagineer’ and special effects specialist) is back again this year, with a brand new game on his front porch. This year, he has come up with ‘Snowball Blaster’.