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The future is certainly now with this interesting new iphone app developed by Quest Visual. In a mix of image recognition technology and augmented reality, the app, Word Lens, functions by having the user point their iphone camera at a foreign language sign and having it instantly translated in video by the app on their […]

Macbook Pro – An Amateur’s Review

23Aug2010 Filed under: Apple and Mac, Computing

I’ve been a PC/Windows user all my life. But just recently, after installing Windows 7 on my Dell Vostro laptop (which was running Windows Vista), I’m starting to experience my fair share of Windows problems. So I decided jump ship and join the Apple camp – here’s a look at my new toy… a shiny […]

Here’s an iPhone app to fulfill your printing and scanning needs. Brothers UK, a printer specialist, has launched what the company says is the world’s first iPhone app that allows you to print and scan from your smartphone.

Many critics have poured heaps of vile and vitriol on Apple when rumblings that they are resisting the use of Flash on their mobile iPhone OS system. For years now, the battle between Adobe and Apple raged on with Adobe playing the role of the ‘good guy’ and preaching to Apple to allow Flash to […]

Welcome to the world of smartphones. These devices are ubiquitous and have started to infiltrate even the older generation who often find technology to be rather daunting. The iPhone and Blackberry revolution has even this bunch converted to Facebooking and Twittering. However, the reason why I bought a smartphone is because the large screen allows […]